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Sale of medicinal plants and herbs in bulk

Herbs are not only quite enjoyable, but also a reliable method of treatment that has been tested by history. Since ancient times people have used the healing properties of plants to cause the body to tone or maintain immunity. In Tibetan medicine, for example, and today is used by about 400 species of medicinal plants.

Company HORST, created created in April 2003, is a certified manufacturer of medicinal herbs. From the very beginning the company specializes in the Preparation and distribution of medicinal plants. Wholesale herbal medicine allows us to cooperate with reliable suppliers and distributors who can deliver our products to the end user.

  • In 2003, began to produce tea drinks, plants and herbs in bulk.
  • In 2005, in the range provided by the company, there were syrups and herbal tea in filter bags.
  • In 2006 was launched pills.
  • In 2008, put into production a series of charges of medicinal plants.
  • In 2009, preparing to launch 11 kinds of salves from natural plant materials.

Today "Company"HORST"dealsproduction and sale of medicinal herbs and plants, tea beverage, fitochaya and syrups propolis adding extracts of various herbs, harvested in environmentally friendly areas of the Altai Mountains. The range of companies represented by more than 200 species plants and herbal teas. At the same time, the range of products is constantly expanding.

The company "HORST" engaged in the wholesale of medicinal herbs, offers both individual plant species and fees. For example, the company's specialists have developed a new group of products, which come in several forms: pills, bags and so on. These developments allow customers to make the most informed choice and take the appropriate remedy. See the range of the company can be in the "catalog".

Plants of these teas not have such a strong effect on the body as synthetic pharmaceuticals, but at the same time, it is able to increase the operability and recommence vitality that has been lost due to stress or disease. Of course, herbs are not able to perform miracles: they have side effects and is not for everyone. Therefore, before applying you should consult with your doctor, who will pick herbs for you.

Technology does not stand still, and every year there are more alternative therapies, herbs but still retained their pharmacologically important. And sometimes even prove to be more effective method than chemical drugs.

Our new items
Propolis syrup with red brush
Volume, ml. 100
Quantity in box, pcs. 40
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Propolis syrup with upland uterus
Volume, ml. 100
Quantity in box, pcs. 40
Propolis syrup with upland uterus - see a detailed description ...
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